“After reading articles about Locals (pubs in the U.K.) closing at alarming rates we’re eager to ensure that the ‘Locals’ of Colorado, (our neighborhood microbreweries), remain open, vibrant, and thriving.”

View from the rooftop at Ouray Brewing

We’ve kept our road trips, but our focus has changed!

In 2011 and 2012 we visited all but six of Colorado’s breweries.  For us, a good day includes sampling a variety of beer styles, enjoying scenic Colorado, and stuffing our faces with delicious local food. In response to these incredible beer tasting adventures, we created Colorado Brewery Days, offering ideas, itineraries and resources to enjoy several craft breweries in one region over the course of a day. Fort Collins needn’t be the only place for beer tourism! These tips are helpful whether you’re a visitor eager to try a variety of delicious beers, or you’re a Native ready to venture beyond your local watering hole.

In 2013, the brewery landscape changed, and it’s not slowing down in 2014!

A holy grail of visiting every brewery in the Rocky Mountain State remains illusive, but we’re going to keep chasing it. The drives on the website will still help you locate incredible scenery, food, and those breweries established during or before 2012 (with lists of recently opened spots when possible). But our focus has shifted to finding out about Your Local Brew. With more than fifty, YES 50, breweries opening in the last year, and several more opening soon, our original road trip idea has become unruly.

Beer Map Coupon Book, A Must Have

And after reading articles about Locals in the U.K. closing at alarming rates we’re eager to ensure that the “Locals” of Colorado, our neighborhood microbreweries, remain open, vibrant, and thriving. The microbrewery taproom is a place for gathering, building community, meeting travelers, catching up with other locals, and learning about, or sharing, our small town’s character. For many of us, it’s like having our own version of Cheers serving up our favorite style of craft beer. In the 21st Century, as we’re bludgeoned with technology and spacing out in cyberspace, it’s really nice to have these hubs of community. Colorado Brewery Days is focused on increasing the participation in community.

So our  blog (sign-up for new posts) will tell stories about not-to-miss spots on the craft beer trail, and tasting highlights from Your Local Brew informed by our travels AND YOURS! Please join the dialogue and share with us what local brew you’re drinking and where on Facebook. Then, as often as possible, we’ll consolidate all of these comments, posts, and pictures into one article here on Colorado Brewery Days to catch you up on what’s local across the state.
The Resources page will also continue to offers insights on maps, books, and websites that are a must for any Colorado explorer’s tool box.

The Final Note

There’s a page dedicated to Responsibility.  In brief, there’s no beer in the world good enough to risk driving under the influence, injuring or killing yourself or other human beings. We relish in craft beer because of the great sensory experience on the palette, the story each beer tells, and the people and community that it connects us to with every sampler or pint. Be cool.  Be safe. Don’t drink and drive.  This is an informational site only.  We are not condoning any behavior, nor can we be found responsible for your poor judgment, getting lost, or even being disappointed in a beer or a brewery, or a whole day of tasting. With all that said, let’s hit some taprooms . . .

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