Tasting Highlights – Fall 2011

Obviously, there’s a lot of content that the craft beer scene deserves to have filled across the pages of websites and blogs.  Though our focus is to provide resources for visiting more than one brewery in a day, we’re also involved in several other craft beer-related endeavors.  Like tasting beer for instance.

Our Tasting Highlights posts for Breweries, Beer Bars, and Bottles offer more intimate looks at specific brewery events, recommendations on beer, beers you can find in bottles to bring home, and moments in beer that simply stand out to us. Consider this as tasty bonus content for your own pursuit of great beer.


The Dark Days of November — Late Fall Brews at Odell Brewing

With names like Wafer Thin Porter, Mash of the Titan, Nacho Cup of Joe, Isolation Ale, and Cranberry Oatmeal Porter, you should ask yourself why you’re not on I25 heading to Fort Collins at this very moment.  Every beer that Odell Brewing creates, arrives with a refined distinction that makes me wish I lived an hour north of Denver. It seems like each time we visit Odell they’ve improved, an unfathomable task for a brewery already at the very top of the game. Even for a Hop Head, the dark days of November call for the rich, malty and delicious. There’s no better place to find such warming treats than at Odell.

Aspen Brewing  Company

Checking out the fall colors in the central mountains?  Don’t miss Aspen Brewing Company, now right downtown.  They brew absolutely solid and tasty classics from crisp IPAs to hardy winter stouts. This is a great stopping point for those gazing at the turning aspens between Independence Pass and the massive grove outside of Crested Butte.  See our Central Mountain drives for additional information.

Caution Brewery

A big thank you goes out to one of the newest breweries in town, Caution Brewery, for opening up their warehouse brewery this weekend for an intimate look at their facility and delicious tastes of their beer. Danny and Betty are a couple of lovely and hospitable folks with a great vision and wonderful beer.  I look forward to drinking their beer specifically brewed and paired with food in Denver restaurants later this year. It’s lovely to see brewers pushing innovative ideas and new approaches to our Colorado Craft craze.

The Copper Kettle

The Copper Kettle is a brand new brewery, located between Parker Road and Mississippi, a long ways from our home, but well worth the drive. I put together a sample platter (as I’m prone to do when I first try a brewery) of some batches that sounded delicious: a Bavarian Helles, their Black Onyx, the Copper Mezzina Ale, and their spicy, rich Great American Beer Fest Gold Medal, the Mexican Chocolate Stout, (which took us both back to our time drinking hot cocoa in the markets of Oaxaca).

I would easily go back for a session with the Bavarian Helles, and Lindsay would happily wash away another day of IKEA blues with the Mezzina Ale.  The Copper Kettle is brewing distinctive, quality lagers and ales . . . a real treat to find in a new Denver brewery.

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