Tasting Highlights – Winter 2012

Obviously, there’s a lot of content that the craft beer scene deserves to have filled across the pages of websites and blogs.  Though our focus is to provide resources for visiting more than one brewery in a day, we’re also involved in several other craft beer-related endeavors.  Like tasting beer for instance.

Our Tasting Highlights posts for Breweries, Beer Bars, and Bottles offer more intimate looks at specific brewery events, recommendations on beer, beers you can find in bottles to bring home, and moments in beer that simply stand out to us. Consider this as tasty bonus content for your own pursuit of great beer.


Pliny the Younger, Russian River Brewing (Hops and Pie)

Only 50 ten ounce pours were up for grabs at Highland’s Hops and Pie on Sunday, February 26th. Lucky for me I was number 35 in line!

I’m a huge fan of Younger’s predecessor Pliny the Elder (Double IPA), a special treat when it’s available at Falling Rock Tap House. However, until this point I’ve only heard the praises of the rarely distributed to Colorado Pliny the Younger (Triple IPA). With only 15 kegs distributed to all of Colorado this month it’s every person for themself on tapping day.

After waiting for two hours to get a hold of the hoppy goodness we realized it was worth the wait. Voted Beer Advocate’s Best Beer in the World, 2009, Pliny the Younger did not disappoint. With an incredible citrus and pine hop notes and smooth finish this beer is truly a masterpiece.

Stout Month at Vine Street Pub (of the Mountain Sun Family)

Since moving to Denver almost four years ago, Vine Street Pub here in Denver has remained one of our absolute favorite places for happy hour and good beer.  We’re eager for their brewery to get into full swing, but fortunately, the rest of the Mountain Sun locations in Boulder feed the taps here at 17th and Vine.

And a favored spot often has a favored time of year, event or special.  February is Stout Month for the Mountain Sun Family, meaning the taps are filled with rich, creamy, diverse, and even hoppy stouts. Believe it or not, there was a point in time when all we drank were stouts and porters.  These days have been lost in the haze of the great St. Lupulin, so February at Vine is a welcome moment to revisit the old love.  The incredible staff of brewer’s here put together amazing recipes that must be tried.


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