Monday Afternoon: A Tasty Start to the Week

I’ll admit, Monday’s are a strange day to take the afternoon off from work. But after working twelve days straight, and watching my wife come and go on brewery tours and beer adventures during her spring break, I was craving some craft. So a few of us piled in for a Monday’s drive to the Loveland-Longmont circuit.

Our first destination, Grimm Brothers Brewhouse of Loveland, CO. We initially visited Grimm Brothers shortly after its opening 18 months ago.  Needless to say, it was a lot of fun to return and see their new space, and all the additional beers they now offer. If this brewery’s success is any indication, (certainly not grim by any means), the Colorado Craft Beer Scene is clearly not slipping.  And it’s wonderful to seek out breweries that have specific visions for their beer.  Head to Grimm Brothers to understand (and thoroughly enjoy) what a German beer is all about. From Grimm Brothers, we headed south to Longmont for a couple of our favorites: Left Hand Brewing Company and Oskar Blue’s Tasty Weasel Tap Room.

Lady Lupulin’s Tasting Notes:

Standard Tasting Tray at Grimm Brothers

Little Red Cap, winner of the 2011 GABF gold medal

              Dusseldorf-style Alt Bier—6.3% ABV: great copper color, solid malty notes

The Fearless Youth

Munich Dunkel—5.7% ABV: favorite with the crowd of three tasting; this beer brought us back to drinking in the beer gardens of Munich, Germany 7 years ago . . . maybe it was the nostalgia, but the blend of malts and hops made this beer addictive.

Master Thief

German Porter—5.2%: delicious German hops with smooth coffee and dark malt flavor throughout; this is certainly a go-to Porter for the winter months.

Snow Drop

Kottbusser-style Ale—7% ABV: oats and honey with light hops made this a very easy drinking beer for 7% alcohol; definitely a crowd pleaser.

The Griffen

German-style Hefeweizen—4.8% ABV: beautiful spicy citrus, clove and pepper flavor create a smooth, and at the same time complex, Hefe.

Seasonal/Limited Release Tasting Tray at Grimm Brothers

Brett Bock

Sour beer, aged in red wine barrels. This is no joke.


A very hoppy beer for a barley wine, a different balance than we normally see in this style.  Quite delicious.

Biere de Grimm

Beire de Guarde style with great malt notes.  Took us back to Munich with a sip.

3 Golden Hairs

A solid pilsner that could make even the most die-hard Budweiser fan switch over to craft beer.  This is what a hot summer afternoon session beer is all about.


Dark and heavy dry stout with rich dark malt flavor. This beer was one of the favorites of a hophead who usually only gravitates to IPAs.  Another instanteous journey to Munich.

Bleeding Hearts

The romantic counterpart to the Master Thief porter, brewed with chocolate and cherries. I was expecting an overly sweet and fruity beer, but I couldn’t be more wrong. This was a nicely balanced and flavorful beer that I wanted more of.


Shwartzbier (Dark Lager) with a smooth and malty flavor. This is a crowd pleaser as well, simply delicious

Left Hand Brewing: Design Your Own Tray

Good Juju: Herb Spiced Ale with organic ginger

I haven’t stopped raving about this beer since I tasted it. If I wasn’t the driver for the day I could have sat and drank pints of this stuff. I love hoppy beers and malty beers, so I don’t usually fall for the gimmicks of added fruit and spices, but this beer is out of this world. It would pair perfectly with Asian food.

400 lb. Monkey on Cask with Vanguard hops: English-style IPA

The 400 lb. Monkey is a refreshing change from American-style hop monsters. The hops are there, but they’re not overpowering.

Milk Stout with Cascade hops on Cask

The Left Hand Milk Stout on Nitro is a work of art, beyond words. I appreciate visiting tap-rooms because you get to try beers that are not available anywhere else, particularly brewer’s experimental batches, like the Milk Stout on cask with fresh Cascade hops.  Anyway they work the Milk Stout doesn’t change the fact that this is just a delicious beer and it’s fun to taste their different renditions.

Blackjack Porter: English-style Porter

Rich with dark chocolate and espresso—solid porter.

Stranger: American Pale Ale

Great pale with citrus and hop notes

Smoke Jumper: Smoked Imperial Porter

The smokiness hits you in the beginning and then the sweetness and spiciness of the molasses comes through.  Great beer for BBQ and campfires.

Oscar Blues Tasty Weasel: A Few Sips

Deviant Dales

Hop juice IPA that’s not taking any prisoners. There’s no doubt that there are a ton of those aromatic buds in this beer. It will knock you on your ass, and Oscar Blues thankfully doesn’t apologize for that.

Abby Ale

Schmitty (cousin of the 10 Fidy)—not just delicious because of the rhyming.


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