Swirling in the Eddyline

“Whether Peaking or Creeking,” Eddyline of Buena Vista is a must-enjoy tap room or brewpub (you have your choice of two locations) on your Arkansas River Headwaters trip.

While yesterday’s post focused on Elevation Beer Company in this same area, the component I purposely saved until today was mentioning how important another brewery of this caliber is to have in the Arkansas River area. In addition to Amicas (delicious pizza and beer in Salida), Eddyline, twenty miles north of Salida and Poncha Springs, (home to Elevation), is cranking out some spectacular beer.

Having so many great breweries in one area, we believe, increases each individual breweries potential for success . . . a concept a friend recently described to me as coopetition, a word that’s absolutely right on, especially when Eddyline and Elevation are approaching beer from two rather different perspectives.

Originally started as Socorro Springs Brewing in Socorro Springs, New Mexico, Eddyline opened shop in Buena Vista in 2009, and has seen a rapid and worthy increase in their business ever since. We’re accustomed to their brewpub location down on South Main Street by the river, but during our recent visit, Brian England, an owner, enlightened us to that fact that they have a new tap-room and production operation, including a full-blown canning system, (fresh from Wild Goose in Boulder), off Highway 24.

This tap room makes for a perfect spot to enjoy pints after a long day on the river or the trail, (hence their motto).  And it’s a perfect spot for Eddyline to continue expansion as they can and distribute their Drag Bag Lager, (nicknamed Boaters Beer), and their Crank Yanker IPA.  Yeah, I know there are a lot of options out there for canned beer, but these two are perfect for the Arkansas River area, and, well, anywhere else the sun beats down on your back.  So get to the store and buy a six-pack (refreshing statement for the craft beer industry if you ask me), or swirl onto location at Eddyline.


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