Games and Beer: Three Rest Stops off I-70

Shuffleboard at Bonfire

There’s no secret about it, drinking beer in Colorado is often complemented by tossing a bean bag, a horseshoe, or a small metal disc. And long road trips always call for such a rest stop.  So what better rest stop is there than a brewery with games? Here are three favorites:

Vine Street Pub and Brewery is a couple miles south from I-70 near downtown Denver, but can be easily reached on York Ave southbound from the interstate. It’s a perfect place to stop for food, (awesome burgers), drinks and Cornhole on a cross-country trip.

Crazy Mountain Brewing in Edwards (west of Vail), has become one of our favorite high country watering holes.  With picnic table seating outside, it’s a great place to grab lunch from your road trip ice-chest.  And right behind the keg storage shed?  A beautiful Horseshoe pit.

Bonfire Brewing, just a bit farther down the road in Eagle, offers the wonderful indoor game of Shuffleboard. Though breathing in the fresh mountain air is probably why you drove up I-70 in the first place, afternoon thunderstorms in Colorado are the norm, so this is a perfect option to escape lightning and still take in a nice game and beer rest stop.

Now don’t forget that scenic driving, road trips, and travel are not about the destination, you must enjoy the beautiful views and great beer along the way.  Of course the only people who should be holding a bean bag and a beer are the passengers, but there’s no reason the driver can’t join in the fun of some good ole’ fashion Cornhole.


One comment on “Games and Beer: Three Rest Stops off I-70

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