Five Easy Answers on an Informative Brewery Website

Inaugural Mini-Series ~ Episode III: “Excelling at Customer Service –   A 1/2 Pint of Ideas”

Customer Service Award, Episode III: Revolution Brewing of Paonia

Continuing from last week’s post on “Information Saturation,” it seems necessary to highlight the crucial service a brewery’s website provides to the beer traveler.  In the age of smart phones, I-pads, and even those archaic things called laptops, accessing up-to-date information on the web remains extremely important. This might seem obvious, but you would be surprised at how many websites lack easy accessibility to portions of the key details discussed below.

While most of the towns and cities listed in the “Flatland” section of our site usually abound with high-speed internet, once we wander into the mountains, accessing the web gets slower and less-reliable.  For these reasons, we think it’s critical to offer basic information on the homepage of every well-put-together brewery website. What should be apparent and obvious on the landing page, or a simple find right near it? Answers to these five questions, which Revolution Brewing handles perfectly on their site:

1) Where is your brewery located?  Provide a physical address to easily Google. A map specifically locating the brewery in your town offers even more clarity and accessibility.

2) When are you open? Believe it or not, brewery hours sometimes seem strange.  Do you not open until 3 pm on Fridays?  Let your customers know this, and all your other hours of operation. If your hours happen to fluctuate, and you can’t update your website frequently, list intended hours, followed by an immediate phone number so we can call and check.  We’ve driven out-of-our-way for breweries on several occasions that just happened to be closed.

3) What’s on tap? Not as important probably as the first two bits of information . . . chances are, if we’re headed your way, we’ll taste what you’ve got.  But letting us know that something extra special, or something rather limited, is being served, might entice us if we were hesitant, particularly on days when maybe we were planning on a beer-tasting break.

4) Who are you?  Okay, the name of the brewery is surely located on the headlining banner of your site just so I can be sure that I’ve come to the right place.  This question is more about who YOU are . . . Who is the brewer? The owner?  What’s the special niche you’re after? How long have you been in business?  What’s your specific style of business?  What’s your interest in beer?  Back-story always adds to the tasting experience, particularly for new customers.

5) Where else can we find you?  Social Media is a wonderful way to keep track and become friends of our favorite breweries.  Links to your Facebook page can make friending you easy, and we all need more friends.

These five questions make all the difference for an exploring beer connoisseur, and offer helpful, precise, pertinent answers with just one click. With more than a 100 breweries to choose from in Colorado, we need as much information saturation as we can get.


Explanation of Customer Service Posts: At Colorado Brewery Days we strive to remain positive in our writing about beer and breweries.  Our goal is not to offer criticisms on beer, but to advocate for the craft beer scene, particularly in Colorado.  After visiting just about every brewery operation in the state, (and several more all over the country and world), we felt that we might be able to provide some ideas for breweries to increase their success as a small business. We will never point out a brewery that doesn’t do things quite as well as they might, but we always provide an example of a brewery achieving a high level of customer service in a particular area (presented in our weekly award). Please let us know if you have questions or if we can help brainstorm additional ideas or advice.

7 comments on “Five Easy Answers on an Informative Brewery Website

  1. Hello,
    I write delighted to see that Revolution Brewing received your customer service award. The rest of your post, however, confuses. We do have a website and various social media channels that provide the five items you list. See:

    I’m not clear if you’re suggesting our brewery needs this, and your customer service award is tongue in cheek, or if you think we do a good job of this, or if you think we really do have great customer service (which we strive for) and that the rest of your post is just FYI. Please clarify as we definitely want to be clear about who we are, what we offer, where we’re located and why you might want to visit. OR, if there is somewhere else I can access your mini-series, please let me know.

    Thanks for taking the time to keep up this website, and we hope to see you out in Paonia some time soon.

    I look forward to hearing back from you.


    • mlgray says:

      Hi Gretchen-

      My sincere apologies for any confusion. The award is absolutely not tongue in cheek by any means. We strive at Colorado Brewery Days to only offer positive appreciations and to promote the entire craft beer scene and individual breweries the best we can. We never criticize specific breweries . . . for example, there’s a trend of very uninformative websites out there, we don’t point these out. Yours is an example of one that works well and has all the key points REALLY accessible. Please let me know how we might change this to more clearly reflect that the award is in recognition of Revolution Brewing as a GOOD example. Thank you for writing us and your inquiry.


      • Brilliant! I guess at this sentence: “This might seem obvious, but you would be surprised at how many websites lack easy accessibility to portions of the key details discussed below.” You could add something noting that one of the reasons you gave us the award (thank you! : ) is because our website meets your guidelines.
        Cheers to you Matt. Please introduce yourself next time you are in. We’d love to clink glasses with ya.
        Good beer to you!

      • mlgray says:

        Hi Gretchen-

        Thanks again for your comment and observations. In addition to changing some language in the post that includes Revolution Brewing, I’ve added an explanation at the end of each Customer Service Post to help clarify what our intention is with these pieces. Scroll to the bottom of the post, in italics:

        With these updates, we’d love it if you posted this article on your Facebook Page! And if you’re interested, like us on Facebook at Colorado Brewery Days. We’re actively trying to increase traffic on the site so that our advocacy is reaching more and more people.

        Thanks again, and we look forward to seeing you in Paonia some time soon!

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  4. […] Episode III ~ An Informative Brewery Website: In the age of smart phones, I-pads, and even those archaic things called laptops, accessing up-to-date information on the web remains extremely important. This might seem obvious, but you would be surprised at how many brewery websites lack easy accessibility to key details about the brewery. Every homepage should include answers to the following five questions, or at least have simple and visible links that lead to the answers with one click: 1) Where is your brewery located? 2) When are you open? 3) What’s on tap? 4) Who are you, (what’s the history of the brewery)? 5) Where else can we find you, (on Social Media)? Simple as that. […]

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