2 Cool Places to Hear Music and Drink Great Beer

Beautiful Breweries ~ Part 2

Aesthetics don’t just cover scenic backdrops and fine interior designs: a brewery’s atmosphere is also enhanced when our music sensibilities are entertained as well.  For me, nothing pairs better with beer than music.  So pour me a pint and crank up the Zeppelin!

This week, we’d like to feature two breweries that host regularly scheduled performances by local and national acts at their awesome venues. Many, many breweries offer music, and we encourage you to time your trip to a brewery when live music is scheduled.  But to get things started, these two spots are definitely worth your visit:

Music at Oskar Blues 15th Anniversary Party

Oskar Blues Grill and Brew of Lyons, CO is just one of the locations in the Oskar Blues family, but it’s by far our favorite. Their beloved basement and juke joint have become  infamous for stellar performances, especially after Rolling Stone mentioned them as one of the best places to be on a Saturday night in Colorado. Check out more great info on their site about this venue: grill and brew info. And here’s a link to see what’s scheduled soon on their calendar. Maybe an event coincides with your next trip to Rocky Mountain N.P.

SKA Brewing of Durango might be a trek from the front range, but a visit to the San Juans is always worth the trip.  Incorporate a tasty SKA beer and some live music, and you’re sure to have a memorable experience.  The stage at SKA’s World Beer Headquarters sits right outside in their beer garden, offering a perfect place to soak in the incredible scenery, enjoy a pint, and listen to music. It doesn’t get any more Colorado than this!


Beautiful Breweries Explanation: When traveling to visit breweries, it’s not always just about the beer.  In fact, the most positive tasting experience includes delicious brews, a high standard of customer service, and aesthetics to make any Native Coloradan proud. We’ve been wandering the state to find the best spots for beers and views, the loveliest beer gardens, and the finest beverages that fit their surroundings perfectly.


2 comments on “2 Cool Places to Hear Music and Drink Great Beer

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