3 Refreshing Breweries After a Day Outside

Beautiful Breweries ~ Part 4

At this point, I’m probably just making fun of myself.  Two weeks ago I mentioned that nothing goes better together than beer and music, and last week I shared our four favorite beer gardens in the state since “drinking beer at a picnic table” is simply idyllic.  This week’s superlative? Beer is best when enjoyed to celebrate an awesome day outside.

You’ll need to discover your own outdoor sport, but the location of the following breweries offer easy access to all sorts of adventures: hiking, rafting, peak bagging, biking, skiing, climbing, even sand dune surfing. In addition to their ideal proximity to such activities, the beers served at these breweries complement their settings perfectly. So grab your pack, kayak, bike or skis, and hit the mountains, and then cool-off with a refreshing brew.

San Luis Valley Brewing Co: Near the Great Sand Dunes National Park, where days are often hot and most certainly dusty, SLV Brewing offers beer that fits perfectly with their climate and the surrounding farm and ranch lands. With the Sangre de Christo mountains rising on the skyline, I savor their Valle Caliente, a Mexican lager made with local chilies. And if I’m passing through to California, I always pick-up a bomber or two of this refreshing lager for my dad.

Eddyline of Buena Vista: The Presidential Range casts silhouettes onto the Arkansas River Valley, where  sage brush and juniper forests dot the rolling hills.  While shade can be found in this stunning landscape, nothing quite refreshes the wary adventurer like cold beer in a can. Eddyline’s Drag Bag Lager takes top prize for one of the best tall boys anywhere (who can believe that so much craft beer now comes in a tall boy can?). So grab some friends and a six-pack, and relax! Their brewpub and taproom are great stops as well.

Telluride Brewing Company: Yep, we’re back in the San Juans.  I can’t get enough of these mountains. As the newest brewery outfit in this range, Telluride Brewing is doing the spectacular San Juan standard, perfectly.  During the summer, their Bridal Veil Falls Rye IPA, (also available in beautifully-designed cans), is a thirst quenching session.  And if I ever get the opportunity to ski in Telluride, you can be sure I’ll recuperate with their award-winning Face Down Brown.


Beautiful Breweries Explanation: When traveling to visit breweries, it’s not always just about the beer.  In fact, the most positive tasting experience includes delicious brews, a high standard of customer service, and aesthetics to make any Native Coloradan proud. We’ve been wandering the state to find the best spots for beers and views, the loveliest beer gardens, and the finest beverages that fit their surroundings perfectly.

4 comments on “3 Refreshing Breweries After a Day Outside

  1. I just moved out of Alamosa a couple weeks ago, and will toast to a good pint of Valle Caliente any day. And speaking of spicy beers, maybe you’ve tried it but Eddyline has an Innerglow Red Porter that I found to to be pretty spot on.

    • mlgray says:

      Had the good fortune of tasting a pint of the Innerglow Red Chile Porter at the beginning of the summer . . . absolutely delicious. This gives me motivation to put together a Colorado Chile Beer “Best Of” list. The Oaxacan Chile Beer from Copper Kettle in Southeast Denver should also be on this list.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!


  2. […] for breweries and beautiful scenery.  Many places we visit in the Rocky Mountain State have their own character. Whether they’re brewing certain styles, using specific ingredients, or designing a […]

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