It’s The Little Things

Excelling at Brewery Customer Service: A Half Pint of Ideas ~ Episode VII

While the other posts in this series focused on one specific customer service topic, it seemed pertinent to mention three quick ideas prior to our final series review next week. When these “little things” go well, it increases the positive experiences of customers. A satisfied customer will certainly recommend the brewery to a friend and return for another pint. So,

Don’t Let Customers Get Lost: Due to zoning issues, many breweries don’t exist in downtown retail spaces (even in small Colorado towns this is often the case).  Instead, breweries inhabit industrial areas on the outskirts of cities.  While the overall warehouse district might be easy to find, the specific address for the brewery can sometimes be challenging. So what to do?

Don’t rely on magical smart phone devices to always navigate these areas. It’s helpful if the brewery website provides stellar directions. And the best bet? Signs, signs, signs.  Usually three small signs with the breweries name and an arrow will get us from the main street to the right row to the right building even in the most complex industrial area. If these signs are permitted, they’re worth the investment: a lost customer can’t drink beer.

Once A Customer Arrives, Keep ‘Em: We’re one post away from finishing a five-part series on beautiful breweries and we recently completed a post about breweries near I70 that offer games to play while drinking a pint. A brewery doesn’t need to have an expansive beer menu to keep us around drinking.  But aesthetics, atmosphere, an enjoyable community vibe, and things to do at the brewery will often encourage a customer to stay for another pint. A good beer garden keeps me around all day.

Brainstorm as a Staff: I’m sure our list of little things could continue, but possibly into a realm that doesn’t apply to each brewery, or that’s really only some nit picky thing about the way I like to taste beer. Instead, we asked a few breweries that do lots of little things well, how they realized all these details. Two common threads emerged: 1)  they ask for and responded to customer feedback, and 2) they came together as an entire staff to examine the customer experience.  Both these approaches clearly pay dividends for these breweries.

Hopefully these three little things offer some additional ways to improve or capitalize on the customer’s experience.  Maybe they’re a bit removed from the actual business of a brewery, (beer that is), but when a lot of small positive experiences add up for a customer, the next time they make a choice between breweries, the one with the most enjoyable memory will probably beckon them for another delicious pint.


Explanation of Customer Service Posts: At Colorado Brewery Days we strive to remain positive in our writing about beer and breweries.  Our goal is not to offer criticisms on beer, but to advocate for the craft beer scene, particularly in Colorado.  After visiting just about every brewery operation in the state, (and several more all over the country and world), we felt that we might be able to provide some ideas for breweries to increase their success as a small business. We will never point out a brewery that doesn’t do things quite as well as they might, but we always provide an example of a brewery achieving a high level of customer service in a particular area (presented in our weekly award). Please let us know if you have questions or if we can help brainstorm additional ideas or advice.

One comment on “It’s The Little Things

  1. […] Episode VII ~ It’s The Little Things: While other posts in this series focused on one specific customer service topic, it seemed pertinent to mention three quick ideas to conclude this mini-series: 1) don’t let your customers get lost (provide accurate directions on the website and signs near the brewery, when applicable), 2) keep your customers around (create a welcoming atmosphere and offer games to play like bean bag toss, shoots and ladders etc.), and, 3)  always question what other little things can be done, (brainstorm as a staff). When these “little things” go well, a satisfied customer will certainly return for another pint and recommend the brewery to a friend. […]

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