2 Denver Breweries with Skyline Views

Beautiful Breweries ~ Part 5

While many Colorado breweries pull us into the mountains for scenic driving and beer tasting, it’s quite fun to enjoy urban vistas, particularly those of the Denver Skyline. After a day walking the 16th Street Mall, or prior to cheering on the Rockies, Broncos, or Avalanche, we often go out for a pint, and there’s no better way to feel like you’re in Denver than to soak up a view of the city with that beer-in-hand. Here are two perfect options for breweries with a skyline view:

Breckenridge’s Ale House at Amato’s: Located across I-25 from downtown by a simple walk on the Pedestrian Bridge, this location offers a rooftop patio, a 2nd floor bar, and a main level dining room, that all look directly towards the tall buildings.  My favorite time of day is right at sunset, when the last light reflects on the downtown windows in a variety of hues. Though they don’t brew beer in the facility, Breckenridge has plenty of delicious beers brought over from their brewery, plus, they round out their beer menu with taps from several other local and national breweries. And the menu is clearly organized making it easy to find a pint that pairs well with the delicious food you’ll order.

Denver Beer Company: This spot could have just as easily made it into our Beautiful Breweries post on Beer Gardens. With garage style doors in the taproom that open up to a large patio filled by massive wooden picnic tables, the Denver Beer Company is an outdoor drinking delight. Located in the Riverfront Neighborhood, tall buildings practically loom directly overhead. And there are plenty of spots to grab lunch, dinner, or snacks nearby, as well as food carts that seem to always wait near the entrance with appetizing aromas lingering in the air. Combine a delicious pint from the bar, the view, the food, and the opportunity to meet new people sitting next to you, and you’re sure to stay for a rather long happy hour.


Beautiful Breweries Explanation: When traveling to visit breweries, it’s not always just about the beer.  In fact, the most positive tasting experience includes delicious brews, a high standard of customer service, and aesthetics to make any Native Coloradan proud. We’ve been wandering the state to find the best spots for beers and views, the loveliest beer gardens, and the finest beverages that fit their surroundings perfectly.


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