Big Choice, Yes Indeed

Big Choice Taps and Menu

Big Choice Brewing in Broomfield definitely exemplifies the growing craft beer scene. After a summer away, we’ve been playing catch-up to visit all the new breweries that recently opened in Colorado.  And we’re not there yet; we look forward to the spots we still need to visit. None-the-less, two very clear themes have emerged in our recent explorations:

1) The need for a local brewery in neighborhoods of a large metropolis, and down the street in small towns, remains a driving factor and business model.  This is wonderful news.  Until every town and lots of neighborhoods have breweries, it’s quite possible that the Colorado beer scene can, and will, continue to grow. Sounds good to me . . . we’ll continue to have lots of choices about breweries to visit throughout the state.

2) The types, styles, and varieties of beer at each brewery seem to also be growing in choice.  We’re not seeing the same approach to the same five styles of beer at every place we visit.  Though this would be absolutely fine, the recently opened breweries in Colorado are not easing into the scene with just the “safe” line-up of a wheat, blonde, amber, IPA, and stout on tap.  While new breweries might offer these standards, they are pushing the envelope with specialty brews, clear stylistic decisions, and edgy recipes. Such approaches add even more choices for our palettes. What another wonderful dilemma.

Big Choice Tasting Flight

Big Choice has found its home in Broomfield, not a big touristy spot in Colorado, but a strong local community eager to enjoy a good pint. We talked to more than one local at the bar during our visit: they were enthusiastic, and rightfully so. Big Choice offers taps like their I Want Wheat and their Type III IPA, and other crafty delights like their Rail Slide Extra Pale Ale and their #42 Poblano Stout.  I also enjoyed their Disconnected Red Ale, while Lindsay enjoyed their 10,000 Summers Saison.

Not to over-utilize their name, but it’s fitting: Big Choice does offer a big choice for beer to enjoy at the brewery, and they also represent the big choices we have for beer in Colorado. How fortunate we all are to be craft beer fans in 2012.


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