Breweries Near GABF: Fort Collins’ Beer

Breweries Near GABF: Our 2nd Mini-Series

In preparation for the Great American Beer Festival (GABF), it’s time to offer some quick resources for GABF attendees and Colorado locals to visit breweries within an hour of Denver and see some scenic beauty along the way.  This series highlights drives from our website, encouraging beer enthusiasts to enjoy brewery tours beyond GABF.  Today’s post focuses on two tours of Fort Collins area breweries. Get out there and enjoy!

Episode 6: Fort Collins’ Craft Beer Scene

Outside Equinox in Fort Collins

Woah! Fort Collins, if it wasn’t already, is now impossible to take in over the course of a single day.  With the addition of Pateros Creek (focused on session beers), Equinox (focused on beer education and a wide variety of styles), and Funkwerks (the one and only all-organic saison brewery in the world), Fort Collins remains on top as a brewery mecca. But with our Smaller Spots and our Famous Spots tours, Fort Collins is possible to enjoy in parts or as a whole adventure.

We recommend making a weekend of it in Fort Collins (or a couple weekdays if you can swing it, so that the bigger operations of Odell and New Belgium are available for tours and a little quieter drinking experience). With two full days, you can enjoy Fort Collins’ delicious food scene (a few recommendations are below for quick and easy places to stop for lunch, but there are a whole lot of other selections in town). You can also take advantage of the bountiful outdoor opportunities for hiking, biking and enjoying nature.  We definitely encourage visitors to drive Poudre Canyon for fall colors or just a scenic stroll in the spring and summer.

With just one day or a long afternoon, try our Smaller Spots recommendations.  We don’t use this term as condescending by any means: all three of these breweries are doing awesome things, they’re simply smaller than the big three, well-known breweries.  In fact, the size of these operations offer more intimate tasting experiences.

Our 2nd tour, the Famous Spots, puts you on the path to visit Odell, Fort Collins Brewery, and New Belgium so that you can compare and enjoy how these three operations have grown. Though we like the diversity and commonality by splitting up Fort Collins in this way, there’s no reason you can’t mix-and-match between both tours to get a taste of all that this beer mecca has to offer.  Whatever you do, be sure to have a good time. They don’t nickname it Fort Fun for nothing.

Fort Collins Food Recommendations

Tasty Harmony (Vegetarian)

Coopersmith’s (Brew Pub)

Backcountry Provisions (Sandwiches)

Cheba Hut (Sandwiches)

The Mayor of Old Town (100 Beers on Tap)


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