5 Beer Resources We’re Thankful For This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is most certainly a holiday to remember and share what you’re thankful for, and here at Colorado Brewery Days our beer exploring in this great state is made all the better because of some wonderful resources available in the beer community.

Before any brewery day, we check these resources for helpful information:

1. Looking for a great guidebook with stories about each brewery in Colorado?  “Mountain Brew: A Guide to Colorado’s Breweries” written by Ed Sealover, always has a cool tale to tell about the brewery you’re about to enjoy. And check out Ed’s blog: The Beer Run Blog.

2. Another guidebook, focused on brewpubs and tasting notes,  “Tapping Colorado Craft Beer: A Guide to Centennial State Brewpubs” offers complementary information. The Great American Ale Trail covers the entire United States, but can be helpful for Colorado exploring as well.

3. And you never want to leave home without the map and coupons from the Beer Drinkers Guide to Colorado. Available for purchase in breweries across the state, this map helps you find the brewery you’re looking for, and the accompanying coupon book gets you a free beer or discounted merchandise at locations throughout Colorado.  Well worth the buy! Check out their website to purchase the map and for other helpful information: www.beerdrinkersguidetocolorado.com

4. Dave Butler’s blog, Fermentedly Challenged, is our go to website for up-to-date information about breweries, and to find out about upcoming events, breweries opening in the near future, and where to enjoy a particular style of beer. He keeps us busy exploring . . . thanks Dave!

5. While focused as an organization for brewers in Colorado, The Colorado Brewer’s Guild website has a lot of helpful information about breweries throughout the state. They offer a plethora of resources and give an inside look into the wonderful craft beer industry.

Check out these incredible resources for yourself, and you’ll surely be just as thankful as we are that so many people and organizations are working hard to keep the Colorado Craft Beer Scene thriving.

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