New! Breweries Keep Opening Their Doors

Bootstrap, Big Choice, Echo, TRVE, Hogshead, City Star, Gravity . . . are these names familiar to you?  They should be, but if they’re not, why not make a point this weekend of checking them out?  These are just seven of the newest faces to the Colorado beer scene that opened their doors this year.

We focused 2012 on attempting to complete our visits to every independent brewery in the state. Not too many people can say they’ve been to every operation in Colorado.  Can you?

Well, truth be told, we can’t either. Not yet. A half dozen breweries still elude us.  But you know what?  I’m more than happy to have this problem. As long as breweries continue to open their doors and do well, (which most new locations of the last two years seem to have accomplished), craft beer will continue to thrive.

From neighborhood friendly delights to destination suds worth the drive, keep the beer brewing. But as customers, we have a responsibility to get out there and support local Colorado beer.

Yes, I know.  We have a couple of places that we’ve become regulars at, too, and that’s a fun thing to be.  But we still make a point of enjoying beer from across the state. There are so many talented brewers throughout the Rocky Mountains that deserve our palettes and our attention.

So, we’ve got another warm weekend ahead of us . . . make the best of it while we stare hopelessly at the snow-starved mountains . . . enjoy a pint of tasty beer somewhere in this gorgeous state of ours.

And the longer you wait to venture out, the more you’ll fall behind.  Check out the recent update on Fermentedly Challenged about beer coming our way in the near future.  Wow!  That’s a lot of fermented possibility. How fortunate are we?


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