Calling All Colorado Beer Enthusiasts

Dear Colorado Brewery Days Readers and Fans-

Life has a way of ebbing and flowing.  Despite our five year journey across the state of Colorado enjoying beer, meeting brewers, writing about our experiences, and putting together tasting experiences and trips on this blog, our beer travel has slowed a bit.  With summer almost here and more than a dozen new places opening across the state, we’re afraid that we can’t keep up.  We need your help . . .

Colorado Brewery Days already has a ton of helpful information about exploring the Colorado beer scene, but we need beer fans throughout the state to keep the content here as up-to-date as possible.  This website has never been about making money (we don’t bring in a dime), it’s always been about promoting the Rocky Mountain craft beer scene.  So, join the effort.

Leave a comment on this post, send us an email (, or leave a message on our Facebook page (, sharing with this beer community what you’re drinking and where, what seasonal and specialty beers are on tap at Colorado breweries, and why you’re enjoying what you’re tasting. Colorado Brewery Days is all about positive reviews, so if something isn’t quite your pint of beer, wait until the next brewery to drop us a note.

And most importantly, head to your favorite brewery, enjoy a refreshing glass of frosty craft, and say cheers to the summer!


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