An Old Favorite: Odell


Anybody know the current count of breweries in the state?  Five years ago it was a relatively static number, fluctuating by maybe three or four a year.  When we started this website two years ago we knew there were just over a hundred. But now it’s difficult to keep track.  Depending on the criteria used for what’s considered a brewery, brewpub, or brew production facility, the number hovers between 130 to 150.

Two things have stayed the same though: Colorado Craft Beer is delicious, and Colorado Brewers are leading the industry. We can always count on dropping into any of our favorite Rocky Mountain breweries to find a delicious beer, either a familiar draught, or a new and inventive pint.

That statement has never been more true than on a recent trip back from Wyoming. While Odell is bursting at the seam, they’re continuing to produce incredible beer.  I always love the 6 offerings on the Co-Pilot tray, and on this recent visit I hit the jackpot: three of my favorites (Double Pils, Myrcenary, Mountain Standard) interwoven with some great seasonals that I was far less familiar with, but loved immediately (Spring Creek, Celastrina, Wooden Cow).

I’m looking forward to a return visit in November, especially to see the progress on their expanded and beautified outdoor sitting area.  Whether it’s snowing, sunny, or both, I’m enjoying my co-pilot tray in this incredible new beer garden.

So join me there, or head out to your old familiar, favorite spot, and let us know what you’re enjoying and drinking.

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