Diebolt Brewing: Your Local Brew – Part 1

Your Local Brew is a mini-series charged withThe Sunday Crowd at Diebolt Brewing catching-up on all the incredible new breweries that opened in 2013.  A year ago, we could make the claim that we’d visited every brewery in the state, but with the fury of grand openings during the last ten months, and several more openings between now and early 2014, we have a lot of Colorado Craft tasting to complete.

While exploring some of the newest spots in the state, a theme emerged early on, and it’s a theme that we’ve observed many times before: there’s quite possibly room for a small brewery to open up in your neighborhood, in every neighborhood. Like the local dive bars of yesteryear, once made hip again by the hipsters and the DINKS, a new brewery has the potential to quickly become a gathering place for the after-work crowd, the post-dinner social, and the Saturday pint.

People might question the per capita capacity . . . how many breweries can really open in Colorado?  I’m not a numbers person, but I will happily make a comparative analysis to the pubs of Ireland. Irish Pubs fulfill two basic needs: 1) the serving of beer, and 2) offering a great place for friends to meet. If today’s neighborhood microbrewery is in fact the American version of an Irish pub (which I believe they are as they meet the same two needs), then if a neighborhood has a name and at least some resemblance of a commercial area, a brewery will likely pop-up and will likely succeed as a microbrewery.

photo-1So I have high hopes for Diebolt Brewing, which opened a couple months ago in Denver’s Sunnyside neighborhood. Just slightly off the main drag of 38th ave, Diebolt’s atmosphere is classically inviting: high industrial ceilings, friendly brewers and staff, games to play at your table, and an easy-to-read beer menu that offers a selection of standards and seasonal specials. And the Sunday afternoon crowd of young couples on dates, an artist working on a project, long-time Sunnyside residents meeting for a drink, families with kids getting out of the house, and 30-somethings laughing through a happy hour, further proved the point of “the local spot.”

As for the beer, Diebolt’s selection includes a well-crafted porter, a refreshingly balanced IPA, and a classic Saison fitting for the fall harvest weather.  They also offer a wheat that, as their beer description says, drinks like a light pilsner, which I thoroughly enjoyed. For a unique experience, the French Ale provides a different perspective on the ales we typically see at breweries. And the Graveyard Ale offers a blend of their beer, a seemingly uncommon approach, but definitely appreciated.

In conclusion, whether you live in Denver’s Sunnyside or not, check out Diebolt next weekend, and in the mean time, enjoy your local brew, and tell us about it on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/ColoradoBreweryDays


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