Epic Brewing: Your Local Brew – Part 2

EpicStraight from their website, “the Epic [Brewing Co.] Team has a strong belief in doing everything all out.” And we’re now benefiting from their mentality here in Denver, as this Salt Lake City brewery has opened their doors in the RiNo. While I always write with accolades, it takes a lot these days for me to get really stoked on a new beer or a new brewery. But Epic has me ecstatic to call them a Mile High “local brew” for many reasons. My main excitement comes with their expansive, almost unfathomably expansive, beer menu . . . which is all their beer.

They offer not-so-basic, basic brews including IPAs, Lagers, Porters, and Wheat Beers in their Classic Series. And then their Elevated Series “showcases the variability within a beer style” . . . Ales and Stouts, but with an incredible depth of flavor, and the clear touch of a master brewer’s crafty talent. This is all well and good, and these days, somewhat “normal” for great breweries in Colorado and beyond. Where Epic really earns its name is by offering all of these incredible beers along with the cornucopia of doubles, imperials, smoked, barrel-aged, and soured beer in their Exponential Series. Exponential indeed. Every beer menu in the state should do a double take at this tap list.


          But how does an enthusiast ever even begin to tackle such a menu?  First off, by all means, don’t attempt to taste all of their beers in one sitting; don’t attempt to even taste half of their offering during a single visit. To start, check out their “Suggested Samplers,” which is something we’ve rarely seen at other breweries and a really innovative idea.  They’ve put together flights from a selection of sours, to a gathering of their Elevated beer, to a “Debate,” which includes a Stout and a Pale Ale on both Draught and Nitro for a taste test comparison. Exponential and educational.photo-12                                                — “The Great Debate” Sampler Flight —

photo-11And finally, while I’m happy to drink craft beer from a cold basement keg with only a milk crate to sit down on, there’s something to be said for a comfortable tap room. I personally don’t need the flat screens T.V.s (of course with Manning leading the Broncos I suppose they’re a must), but the high-top tables, large bar, open brew house, and a fireplace surrounded by plush sofas, makes this an absolutely perfect Happy Hour, Saturday afternoon, or anytime hangout. With the likely crowds in this part of town, they’ve also created enough space to serve the masses their exponentially delicious beer. I’ll surely be back soon to work my way through another flight, and then pick-up a couple of bottles from their refrigerator filled to the brim with their beer-to-go.

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