Mountain Toad: Your Local Brew – Part 3

Another Foothills Classic


Golden was once home to only  Coors and its “2nd largest brewery,” Golden City Brewery. But the wave of Colorado breweries opening in 2013 has brought new taps to this delightful foothills community.  I visited Mountain Toad for the first time with a friend from out-of-town after enjoying the tasty cuisine at the near-by Sherpa House.

It was a chilly evening, so we went straight for their darker beers: the Coal Creek Black IPA and the Ryrish stout.  I was immediately impressed by the quality of both brews: well-balanced and traditional stylistic elements with a twist.


While I wish I had an easier time drinking Belgian beers, the yeast doesn’t always agree with me.  I can get a few sips in to understand a hint of the flavor profile and the success of the recipe, but rarely can I drink a pint or a half-pint to fully appreciate what the brewer is offering.  Fortunately, some folks sitting next to us were making their way through the belgian-style Mountain Toad beers, and they were enjoying them as thoroughly as I was enjoying my second pint of the evening, the Mt. Zion IPA. The menu here is rich with variety and offers something for every palette, making it a great spot for that gathering after an outdoor adventure.

IMG_3687I’m sure mountain and road bikers pack the house on a Sunday afternoon as there is definitely a “bicyclists” vibe to the taproom.  But as a trail runner myself, the biking theme wasn’t over done and I felt just as welcome.  Especially when we took our beers and headed out to the beer garden, complete with large picnic tables and a warming fire. We’ve loved Golden City Brewing for years, but it can often be difficult to find a table in their beer garden (many others love them as well). So it’s clear that this large outdoor space at Mountain Toad will offer another aesthetic refuge for drinking beer in the idyllic town of Golden, Colorado.


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