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How Did This Start?

During a summer in college I moved to West Yellowstone, Montana and worked at Wolf Pack Brewing Company.  No, I didn’t get to pitch yeast or haul 50 pound bags of barley (I was locked in the dish pit, cleaning grease traps and shining pint glasses instead). But every night, the bartender would bring me a pint as I finished the last of the dishes.  He’d smile and say, “life’s too short to drink bad beer.” Dan, the owner and brewer of Wolf Pack at the time, was a true craftsman and I benefited from trying more than a dozen styles of beer that summer.  Most importantly, I was hooked on craft beer, and I knew that life was too short to ever return to drinking, well, you know.

Some years later, I followed my wonderful wife, (a Colorado Native) to Denver, right about the time this 2nd wave of craft beer was exploding across the country.  Over the past six years, we’ve traveled the length and depth of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, seeking out the finest fermented suds.  We’ve met a lot of delightful people on our travels, dined on some tasty eats, and been awed by Colorado’s diverse scenery. Oh, and we’ve enjoyed a lot of incredible beer along the way.

With well over a 150 locations now in the state producing and providing craft beer, it can be daunting to even know where to begin.  So it dawned on us a few years ago that maybe we had some knowledge to share about how to make the most of brewery touring by visiting multiple breweries in one day. There are a plethora of books and websites that give details about individual breweries, and even several maps that identify brewery locations (see our Resources page). But from our research, nothing describes how to connect one brewery to the next, or offers advice on how to tour a wide variety of breweries in one day.  Not only is life too short to drink bad beer, it’s also too short to drink only one kind of beer on any given day.  And so, Colorado Brewery Days was born.

While building this site, Lady Lupulin has ventured into the study and camaraderie forming amongst women craft beer fans, brewers, and even academics.  We believe this is an important step for the industry and we’re eager to see how positively women effect a traditionally male-dominated hobby, business, and customer-base. She’ll be sure to keep you updated on her adventures with the Crafty Ladies on the blog portion of the website.


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