Excelling at Customer Service: A Review

This is a review of our seven-episode, inaugural mini-series. Each summary offers a link back to the original post which provides more coverage on that topic. We are also always eager to discuss further implications of these ideas and observations with brewery operators. The recipients of the Customer Service Award for each post demonstrate a successful example of practicing strong customer service in the specific area discussed each week. But don’t take our word for it, get out on the road, visit these breweries, and see for yourself how awesome it is to be a customer at these fine establishments. Continue reading


It’s The Little Things

Excelling at Brewery Customer Service: A Half Pint of Ideas ~ Episode VII

While the other posts in this series focused on one specific customer service topic, it seemed pertinent to mention three quick ideas prior to our final series review next week. When these “little things” go well, it increases the positive experiences of customers. A satisfied customer will certainly recommend the brewery to a friend and return for another pint. So, Continue reading

Treat Me Like a Local

Inaugural Mini-Series ~ Episode VI: “Excelling at Customer Service –   A 1/2 Pint of Ideas”

Customer Service Award, Episode VI: Bristol Brewing, Coloraodo Springs

Okay, this might sound like customer service 101.  But at the same time, it might also be asking too much. You have to earn your prestige of being a local, by actually being a local, right? Maybe not.  Imagine walking into an unfamiliar brewery and the bartender greeting you with a warm hello.  Imagine that same bartender asking how you’re doing and if you have any questions about the beer.  And finally, imagine that bartender not rolling his or her eyes when you order the almighty sign that you are in fact not a local: the tasting tray. Continue reading

Be A Part Of The Beer Community

Inaugural Mini-Series ~ Episode V: “Excelling at Customer Service –   A 1/2 Pint of Ideas”

I’m going to cut right to the chase this week: we are all in this together.  While the craft beer industry still shares less than 10% of the global beer market, breweries in Colorado, across the country, and throughout the world, musk work together to increase the entire industry’s success.  I learned recently that this is called “coopetition,” and I think that’s a beautiful new paradigm in which to conduct business. Continue reading

Take Risks?

Inaugural Mini-Series ~ Episode IV: “Excelling at Customer Service –   A 1/2 Pint of Ideas”

Customer Service Award, Episode IV: Renegade Brewing of Denver

Though I enjoy drinking a hearty stout in the winter or a crisp pale ale in the summer, it’s those sours, brett beers, imperial ipas, bitters, double smoked stouts, farm house ales, and other variations on Belgian styles, that peak my interest and motivate me to drive longer distances for that next intriguing beer. Simultaneously though, I understand that smaller breweries have limited capacity, must meet the demands of local customers looking for their favorite pints, and must control costs by not brewing that rather illusive triple ipa.

So this week’s post begins with a question, because there’s certainly not one correct answer. Should breweries seek to brew at least a few specialty, obscure beers, something outside of the typical, usual styles customers see at most every brewery? Continue reading

Five Easy Answers on an Informative Brewery Website

Inaugural Mini-Series ~ Episode III: “Excelling at Customer Service –   A 1/2 Pint of Ideas”

Customer Service Award, Episode III: Revolution Brewing of Paonia

Continuing from last week’s post on “Information Saturation,” it seems necessary to highlight the crucial service a brewery’s website provides to the beer traveler.  In the age of smart phones, I-pads, and even those archaic things called laptops, accessing up-to-date information on the web remains extremely important. This might seem obvious, but you would be surprised at how many websites lack easy accessibility to portions of the key details discussed below. Continue reading

Information Saturation

Equinox Specialty Tray with Table Tent Notes

Inaugural Mini-Series ~ Episode II: “Excelling at Customer Service —   A 1/2 Pint of Ideas”

Customer Service Award for Episode II: Equinox Brewing of Fort Collins

Information saturation is a wonderful thing. Beer enthusiasts are traveling around drinking all varieties of beer to not only enjoy a good lager or ale, but to also be educated about what different breweries are doing with both common styles and crafty brews. In every glass of beer there’s a lesson, a story, a detail that’s important and that will positively affect the tasting experience. This information might range from an ingredient list to IBUs or ABV to the genesis of the beer’s name to the specific stylistic approach of the brewer. Continue reading