Flatland Brewery Drives

Great Divide Brewing, Denver

Flatland might not be a common term in Colorado, but it describes everything east of the Rocky Mountains. For the most part, this section describes days in the major cities (or multiple days in one city because of the shear quantity of breweries). Several of these trips can be made in a day from Denver.  If you’re in town for a long weekend, or a week, it’s well worth the time to explore everything Denver has to offer. But make a side trip to Fort Collins, Boulder, or Colorado Springs, and places in between, and your taste-buds will throw you a party.

Head to one of these pages for more specific information about visiting breweries in one city over the course of a day, and dive deeper into the sub-pages for specific information about regions within each city:

Left Hand Brewing, Longmont



Fort Collins

Colorado Springs





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