West Downtown


Luck would have it that in the last two years, several spots have opened up on the western boundary of downtown Denver.  You can start this trip on whichever side you please, but for us, starting further south makes the most sense at Breckenrigde Brewery and BBQ at 4th and Kalamath (not to be confused with the Breckenridge near Rockie’s Stadium . . . it’s all the same beer, but very different locations).  Grab some delicious food here for lunch and a pint from their small batch selection. They also have a wonderful Thursday night sandwich and draft special.

Head just a little bit farther north into the Santa Fe Art District to Renegade Brewing, an awesome local’s watering hole with a fine variety of their very own, very craft beers on tap. Then weave your way over to Strange Brewing, for a popcorn and peanut snack with a delicious IPA or stout in-hand. Strange is not the easiest place to find, but stay patient, it is well worth the exploration.

Work your way north to finish up at the Denver Beer Company in the Riverfront Neighborhood and enjoy one of the finest beer views in town. You’ll notice how close to downtown you are, which makes this a great decision point . . . connect this West Downtown tour to the Downtown Tour, or cross I-25 for a selection of really new breweries in the Highlands.

Top food picks for the West Downtown Tour:

Breckenridge BBQ

Noa Noa (Mexican)

Santiago’s (Mexican)



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