With two choice spots to visit, and a cool brewery to enjoy on the way from Denver, Greeley stands on its own as a craft beer destination. But if you’re looking for even more tasting experiences, you can easily connect this town “out on the plains” to a brewery tour in Fort Collins, Longmont, Loveland, or Boulder for a longer day and more delicious beer.

The Greeley drive begins in the small town of Frederick, CO at Echo Brewing. As one of the many Colorado GABF Winners (taking home a Bronze in 2012 for their Balefire Red), this neighborhood brewery packs a punch with a variety of styles and a relaxed family atmosphere.

A tasting tray of their fine beer will introduce you to their wide variety of choices. And then since there are often food trucks, or a Baker Street Pretzel, to satisfy your appetite, enjoy a 10 oz glass (or a pint if you’re not driving), of your favorite offering.

After Echo, head east on CO 52 and then North on CO 85 to the town of Greeley.  This short but beautiful drive will introduce you to the landscape of the Colorado plains, which actually make up more than a quarter of the state.  Known for the Rocky Mountains, most folks who live and/or visit Colorado rarely recognize it as a place for cornfields, wheat, and the beauty of rural agricultural towns. Journey from Echo Brewing in Frederick to Pitchers Brewery in Greeley, and see what the Colorado plains are all about . . .

Pitchers Brewery is one of those old college town spots.  Complete with ample outdoor equipment hanging from the walls, big screen T.V.s, and pretty inexpensive beer (tasters are only 50 cents), this seems to be the place the local students gather for a Saturday afternoon of college football.  While it doesn’t always get the best reviews, Pitchers is a fun place to visit for the other side of the brewing industry, and an unforgettable atmosphere.

The peak destination in Greeley though is Crabtree Brewing. On our first visit, a group of home brewers displayed their incredible systems while brewing a fresh batch of tasty beer.  Inside the taproom, more home brewers demonstrated their wares while we sampled a wide selection of Crabtree beer.  Everyone in a our group decided on something different for a pint, becuase, well, everything was delicious and worth drinking more of during our visit.

Crabtree demonstrates some of the best that Colorado has to offer: craft beer in a neighborhood brewery that will keep you interested and probably not disappoint your palette.  While a brewery of this size, and in a town of Greeley’s size, could surely be fine with always offering just standard styles on tap, Crabtree pushes the envelope and intrigues customers, (new and regulars alike), with delicious, craft beer.

So, head to the plains, (just barely), and enjoy a handcrafted brew!


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