I-70 Corridor

Coming from California, where it takes five freeways to get across town, I’ve always marveled at Colorado really having only two main interstates.  Heading into the mountains often means hopping on that good ‘ole I-70.  But worry not, as long as you don’t pick the short straw for designated driver, there seems to be a brewery beaut every few mile markers. So many in fact, that it might take two or three days just to drive from Denver to Grand Junction if you make a point of stopping at every spot and leaving room for the wonderful Western Slope. Whether you’re hitting the ski slopes this winter, or exploring the numerous hiking and bike trails of the Rockies, there are plenty of options for a post-adventure beer. We’ve broken the corridor into three distinct sections:

Dillon to Breckenridge

Vail Valley

Glenwood and Rifle


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