Glenwood and Rifle

Rifle Brewing Beer Menu

Glenwood Canyon Brewing Company, located in the historic Hotel Denver, is certainly worth the visit whether you are headed east or west on I-70, or if you’re stopping for a soak in the famous Glenwood Hot Springs.  They serve brewpub fare and have some stellar beers on tap. Try the Vapor Cave IPA and the St. James Irish Red. They seem to regularly win medals for their beer, and for good reason.

Brew Tank at Rifle Brewing

Regardless of which direction you are heading on I70, make sure to visit Rifle Brewing Company at Sammy’s on Park Avenue in Rifle, Colorado. Their motto is, “you can’t enjoy a more exciting $4 pint of craft beer anywhere in Rifle.” That’s most definitely true. They have one of the smaller brew rooms that we’ve seen in the state, but it’s beautiful, and packs in a lot of capacity. We received a fun tour last spring that we highlighted in the post, “Colorado is Happy Hour.”  Sammy’s, the restaurant portion of the operation, serves a big menu of food that satisfies both locals and travelers.  We enjoyed a good pint here on the way into Rifle Gap State Park and you should too. If you’re interested in more than one style, definitely try a tasting tray.


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