Still on the Ultra-Marathon Beer Tour

The quest to enjoy every brewery in Colorado remains unmet, but we are still after the goal … and certainly not for the finish line, but for the beautiful and tasty process along the way.  As we posted some time back, our original “brewery day” approach became impossible, and quite frankly unnecessary and unruly, with the tidal wave of new openings in 2013 and 2014. Meanwhile, we’re still hoping to hear from locals about what they’re drinking at their Local through our Facebook page. Join the community and the conversation there!

If you’re looking for the number one resource in Colorado for brewery maps, what’s being poured at breweries, special events happening, and truly everything craft beer in the state of craft, please check out the true guru of it all at Fermentedly Challenged. Dave Butler is THE source for information.

Otherwise, we hope to see you at a taproom soon.  Our recent highlights include 1933, Horse and Dragon (our new Fort Fun favorite!),  and Freedom’s Edge (and the Dark Days at Odell of course) in Fort Collins, everything new in Berthoud and Loveland, Bristol’s new spot in Colorado Springs (really cool shared/collaborative space in an old school building), and several Denver Area spots as well (Comrade, BrewbyMu, & Wonderland). Check those out and keep us posted about others you explore.

Drink responsibly and live well!


Something to Watch For! And 4 New Places to Check Out!

With the constant opening of new breweries, it’s sometimes easy to forget the originals are still creating and producing great beer.  This month’s edition of Rocky Mountain Brewing News covered the expansion of Breckenridge Brewery … they’re building a farm, restaurant and brewery in Littleton.  It’s cool to see this development as it combines local beer and local agriculture, two things very true to everything happening in Denver and Colorado these days.  We hope to see you at this exciting new operation in the Spring of 2015! Here’s a link to the Denver Post article.

And if you’re looking for some new spots to check out, we stopped by the following four new breweries since our trip to Hideaway Park Brewing in Winter Park, and we think they’re worth your time:

Joyride Brewing (beautiful view of Sloan’s Lake and tasty Food Trucks, along with corn-hole competitions)

4 Noses Brewing (much bigger than expected, a lovely family story, and a selection of beer that will keep you busy)

Beryl’s Beer Company (another addition to the River North mecca, brewing barrel-aged beer, & some styles you can’t find)

Blue Spruce (experienced home brewers that went professional, launching with a deep, diverse, and thoughtful menu of beer)

We hope to see you out there on a Colorado Brewery Day … Everyday!


Hideaway Park Brewery: Winter Park’s Newest Craft Beer

Today, we stumbled on to Hideaway Park Brewery in Winter Park … what a find!  It opened just last week with very little press or fanfare, even waiting until after the July 4th madness to put the welcome sign out.  And while it might thus be a little understated, it’s refreshing to see a new brewery beginning small, focusing on its beer, and building a taproom that offers the friendly, community atmosphere, which few other establishments can create.

With new breweries opening up constantly, we’ve too often noted how difficult it is to keep up with every local brew in Denver and Colorado. Hideaway Park Brewery though, has found a perfect niche in the ski-bike-outdoor adventure town of Winter Park.  While the Library down the street serves a wide array of beer, mixed drinks, and food, its sports bar vibe offers something different than the intimate tap room of Hideaway Park.

We liked several elements about Hideaway Park Brewery: 1) the owner and bartender, Andy, introduced himself the minute we walked in and made conversation with us about beer, business, and the outdoors; 2) during our 90 minutes at the bar, we met several locals that were as excited about the new brewery as we were, and warmly welcomed us to their town; 3) the brewery decor reminds you that you are in a quintessential craft beer establishment (malt bags, kegs, containers, and other brewing supplies adorn the walls, the brew house is visible from the seating area, and the bar itself is beautifully designed from re-purposed Wyoming snow fence … stunning!); and 4), maybe most importantly, the beer is of course delicious, thoughtful, and sessionable (the rye stout stands out), with more new styles coming soon from the fermenter.

But as usual, don’t take our rambling words for it … have a look at some photos. Or even better, make a Colorado Brewery Day out of it: drive over stunning Berthoud pass, go for a hike along the Fraser River trail, and reward yourself with a beer at Hideaway Park Brewery.

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Hall Brewing

We mentioned Hall Brewing last month on Facebook … it’s an awesome spot down in Parker that brings a little bit of the plains to the Denver Craft Beer scene.  So in honor of our Tornado weather here on the plains, and Hall’s truly diverse and truly tasty selection of beer, here are some photos of another great destination for a Colorado Brewery Day …

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Beautiful Breweries Abound

While the beer must be good, it’s not always just about the drink; an inviting place to enjoy tasty beer is always a must. And over the last week we’ve enjoyed three new breweries … all with absolutely stellar tap rooms.  These owners and brewers have put a lot of time, energy, and investment into creating open, thoughtful, and just simply beautiful breweries. All three spots have stunning and creative interior spaces, as well as beer gardens for the warm summer days on the horizon.  But don’t take our word for it, grab a pint and see for yourself …

300 Suns of Longmont

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Sanitas of Boulder

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222 of Denver/Centennial

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Spring Adventures

The goal of catching up to all the breweries that are opening in Colorado  remains illusive, but it’s a challenge I’m willing to pursue and see through.  How tough. And words don’t seem like enough any more to illuminate the enjoyment and experiences we’re having out there during our Brewery Dayz.  We hope that as the weather warms, you’ll find yourself on beer road trips as well.  Here are some new(er) spots with unique characteristics that make them destinations and locals.  Check them out!

Lunch and Beer

We’re always searching for breweries that chef food as well as they brew beer, and especially food that transcends the norm of brewpub fare.  Bru on Boulder’s eastside, and LowDown on Broadway south of downtown, deliver on this demand.  And while we forgot our camera during the outing to Bru, our taste buds have yet to forget either their food or their beer … it’s worth the drive for anyone willing to escape from their Denver or Fort Collins or Mountain bubble.

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A Brewery with a View

Very Nice Brewery in Nederland, (a town known for its beautiful surroundings as much as its frozen dead guy), offers some great beer with a view towards the Indian Peaks and the Continental Divide. This town makes for an idyllic staycation, and this brewery makes for a perfect focus to the staycation day.  Definitely try their stout infused with a fresh shot of espresso before leaving, along with everything else on the menu.  And while visiting, enjoy the Kathmandu House for tasty Nepali food, and a walk along Boulder Creek for some R & R, and peace and quiet.

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Hops on the Vine and Hops in the Glass

Dark OneEver since reading about the Chateau Rogue in Oregon, I’ve been waiting for a brewery to open up in Colorado’s rich farming country that offers a wine vineyard-feel, but with hop vines and craft beer. I just feel extremely guilty it took us almost 18-months to visit one of Colorado’s more unique breweries. We’ll be returning later this summer when the vines are in full bloom, but High Hops in Windsor is offering the perfect balance of expansive outdoor space overlooking the hop farm, (back dropped by the Rocky Mountains of course), along with a greenhouse beer garden for an outdoor feel during the coldest of months, and of course some very fine beer adorned by incredible artwork in the taproom. We brought several bombers home with us to continue our enjoyment of this delightful brew, but they’re not enough … I can’t wait to return!  Especially since brew master, taproom host, and co-owner, Zach, will make you feel like a local, even if you’re not from anywhere near-by.

Other New Colorado Brewery Day Highlights

Pair up Oskar Blues’ Chuburger in Longmont with a revisit to Left Hand and an exploration to see a beautiful taproom at 300 Suns. Head further south from LowDown on Broadway to Denver’s newest hip spot: Former Future Brewing. And grab some post-lunch beer after Bru in Boulder at Kettle and Stone … for first time visitors, they usually offer a tasting of every beer for free … that’s a wonderful gift.

Your Local Beer-By-Design: Northglenn

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A wide selection of beer, really well organized tasting series, friendly locals, and a knowledgeable beertender and brewmaster, this is Northglenn’s Local! These pictures share the tap room, the atmosphere, and my favorite, the organized beer menu. Certainly not in a thriving metropolis area, but Beer-By-Design is another awesome example of how wonderful it is to have a local spot in every corner of the state.