Take Risks?

Inaugural Mini-Series ~ Episode IV: “Excelling at Customer Service –   A 1/2 Pint of Ideas”

Customer Service Award, Episode IV: Renegade Brewing of Denver

Though I enjoy drinking a hearty stout in the winter or a crisp pale ale in the summer, it’s those sours, brett beers, imperial ipas, bitters, double smoked stouts, farm house ales, and other variations on Belgian styles, that peak my interest and motivate me to drive longer distances for that next intriguing beer. Simultaneously though, I understand that smaller breweries have limited capacity, must meet the demands of local customers looking for their favorite pints, and must control costs by not brewing that rather illusive triple ipa.

So this week’s post begins with a question, because there’s certainly not one correct answer. Should breweries seek to brew at least a few specialty, obscure beers, something outside of the typical, usual styles customers see at most every brewery? Continue reading