Your Local Beer-By-Design: Northglenn

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A wide selection of beer, really well organized tasting series, friendly locals, and a knowledgeable beertender and brewmaster, this is Northglenn’s Local! These pictures share the tap room, the atmosphere, and my favorite, the organized beer menu. Certainly not in a thriving metropolis area, but Beer-By-Design is another awesome example of how wonderful it is to have a local spot in every corner of the state.

Mountain Toad: Your Local Brew – Part 3

Another Foothills Classic


Golden was once home to only  Coors and its “2nd largest brewery,” Golden City Brewery. But the wave of Colorado breweries opening in 2013 has brought new taps to this delightful foothills community.  I visited Mountain Toad for the first time with a friend from out-of-town after enjoying the tasty cuisine at the near-by Sherpa House.

It was a chilly evening, so we went straight for their darker beers: the Coal Creek Black IPA and the Ryrish stout.  I was immediately impressed by the quality of both brews: well-balanced and traditional stylistic elements with a twist. Continue reading

Epic Brewing: Your Local Brew – Part 2

EpicStraight from their website, “the Epic [Brewing Co.] Team has a strong belief in doing everything all out.” And we’re now benefiting from their mentality here in Denver, as this Salt Lake City brewery has opened their doors in the RiNo. While I always write with accolades, it takes a lot these days for me to get really stoked on a new beer or a new brewery. But Epic has me ecstatic to call them a Mile High “local brew” for many reasons. My main excitement comes with their expansive, almost unfathomably expansive, beer menu . . . which is all their beer.

They offer not-so-basic, basic brews including IPAs, Lagers, Porters, and Wheat Beers in their Classic Series. And then Continue reading

Diebolt Brewing: Your Local Brew – Part 1

Your Local Brew is a mini-series charged withThe Sunday Crowd at Diebolt Brewing catching-up on all the incredible new breweries that opened in 2013.  A year ago, we could make the claim that we’d visited every brewery in the state, but with the fury of grand openings during the last ten months, and several more openings between now and early 2014, we have a lot of Colorado Craft tasting to complete.

While exploring some of the newest spots in the state, a theme emerged early on, and it’s a theme that we’ve observed many times before: there’s quite possibly room for a small brewery to open up in your neighborhood, in every neighborhood. Like the local dive bars of yesteryear, once made hip again by the hipsters and the DINKS, a new brewery has the potential to quickly become a gathering place for the after-work crowd, the post-dinner social, and the Saturday pint. Continue reading

An Old Favorite: Odell


Anybody know the current count of breweries in the state?  Continue reading

Calling All Colorado Beer Enthusiasts

Dear Colorado Brewery Days Readers and Fans-

Life has a way of ebbing and flowing.  Despite our five year journey across the state of Colorado enjoying beer, meeting brewers, writing about our experiences, and putting together tasting experiences and trips on this blog, our beer travel has slowed a bit.  With summer almost here and more than a dozen new places opening across the state, we’re afraid that we can’t keep up.  We need your help . . . Continue reading

Context Matters

I’m sitting on a white sand beach in Panama sipping a crisp Balboa lager, (the local beer), and reading Beer Hunter, Whiskey Chaser, a collection of essays in honor of the late Michael Jackson. It’s an interesting choice for this vacation, we won’t see a craft beer for nearly ten days, but every selection in the book will make my taste buds water for some refined malts and hops.

One essay in particular, When’s the Right Time for Barley Wine? by Stephen Beaumont, gets me thinking about how good the free-flowing Balboa beer actually is, particularly with the sun beating down and the waves crashing. While a Dale’s Pale Ale from Oskar Blues might taste good right now, there’s probably not a Winter Holiday Ale or a Barley Wine anywhere in the world that would be enjoyable to drink at this moment. Continue reading