Fall Leaves Worth Seeing

There’s no doubt about it, the Aspens south of I70 are in full blazing gold.  Following up on last week’s post about scenic drives and breweries to enjoy along the way, these photos might inspire a weekend trip:

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Craft Beer in California’s Wine Country

A Sunday Bonus Beer ~ Out-of-State Adventures

The argument rages between wine lovers and beer enthusiasts about which delightful liquid tastes better, takes more effort or skill to make, draws a stronger community, or relies on a more refined palette. The debaters can have their positions, while I’ll continue to thoroughly enjoy both fermented grapes and fermented malts.

That’s why on our California adventure back in June, we attempted to cover a wide variety of wineries and breweries.  For us, the two beverages go hand-in-hand, and no better place exemplifies this symbiotic relationship than the wine country of and near Sonoma County. Continue reading

Bottle Madness – Winter 2012

As winter set in, traveling the great Brew State of Colorado grew increasingly difficult.  Oh, and that pesky little ski season definitely distracted me from weekend beer adventures. Fear not.  It was a great time of year to grab bottles and bombers from our neighborhood beer store mecca (or have friends driving in from out-of-state bring some local specialties).  No, it’s not as fun as seeing the brewery and meeting the community in a far-away town or right down the street. But a bottle of beer can pack the same time-travel magic as a bottle of wine. Here are the delights we enjoyed this winter: Continue reading

IKEA? Get Me to thee Brewery!

Originally from Matt’s graywanderings.com blog on Septemeber 30th, 2011:

Last Sunday, Lindsay and I planned a portion of our day around making the journey to south Denver’s newest addition, IKEA.  Now this portion of town might not be as ambitious as our recent overseas adventures, but it takes a bit of planning and prepping to make the 30 minute drive from our house to the Denver Tech Center. So, we went for it.  And as we approached the massive blue building from the freeway off-ramp, with the store sign reaching into the sky higher than any grand Rocky Mountain pine and the line of traffic backed-up nearly a mile, I knew we were in for something spectacular. Continue reading

Boulder Beer Rave . . . Bodacious

Originally from Matt’s graywanderings.com blog on September 17th, 2011:

Yes, it’s true, I just used the word bodacious for the first time since wearing one of my twenty-two pairs of M.C. Hammer parachute pants in the 1st grade, circa 1990. And I didn’t use the word bodacious because it shared lovely alliteration with “Boulder Beer,” (although what a fine coincidence). I used bodacious because it fit the bill for an event with 40 different types of small batch beer from all over Colorado, few, if any, lines to taste said beer, and the backdrop of the Boulder sky and the Rocky Mountains. Continue reading