New Breweries in Denver: Crooked Stave

Breweries Near GABF: Our 2nd Mini-Series

In preparation for the Great American Beer Festival (GABF), it’s time to offer some quick resources for GABF attendees and Colorado locals to visit breweries within an hour of Denver and see some scenic beauty along the way.  This series will mostly highlight drives from our website, encouraging beer enthusiasts to enjoy brewery tours beyond GABF.  Today’s post focuses on Denver’s recently opened breweries. Get out there and enjoy!

Episode 2: Discovering Denver’s Newest Brewery

Crooked Stave, the “Artisan Beer Project,” is exactly the place we’ve been waiting for Denver to welcome since we widened our horizons into wild, brett, and barrel-conditioned beer.  Last summer, sipping sours on the patio of The Bruery in Orange, California, we discovered that our palettes had not changed, but expanded, and we wanted more.

And though we knew Crooked Stave served fine sours and farmhouse ales out of Funkwerks in Fort Collins, and that Trinity of Colorado Springs always offers a variety of Belgian beer and farmhouse ales, we selfishly wanted something to arrive in the Mile High City serving similar styles. It’s not that we don’t still love a Double IPA or an Imperial Russian Stout, it’s just that there’s this whole other category of beer that we now relish in, long for, and enjoy.

Needless to say, the news that Crooked Stave expanded from Fort Collins to a quiet tasting room in Denver brought us from inpatient waiting to somewhat absurd jubilation. Continue reading