It’s The Little Things

Excelling at Brewery Customer Service: A Half Pint of Ideas ~ Episode VII

While the other posts in this series focused on one specific customer service topic, it seemed pertinent to mention three quick ideas prior to our final series review next week. When these “little things” go well, it increases the positive experiences of customers. A satisfied customer will certainly recommend the brewery to a friend and return for another pint. So, Continue reading

Five Easy Answers on an Informative Brewery Website

Inaugural Mini-Series ~ Episode III: “Excelling at Customer Service –   A 1/2 Pint of Ideas”

Customer Service Award, Episode III: Revolution Brewing of Paonia

Continuing from last week’s post on “Information Saturation,” it seems necessary to highlight the crucial service a brewery’s website provides to the beer traveler.  In the age of smart phones, I-pads, and even those archaic things called laptops, accessing up-to-date information on the web remains extremely important. This might seem obvious, but you would be surprised at how many websites lack easy accessibility to portions of the key details discussed below. Continue reading

Information Saturation

Equinox Specialty Tray with Table Tent Notes

Inaugural Mini-Series ~ Episode II: “Excelling at Customer Service —   A 1/2 Pint of Ideas”

Customer Service Award for Episode II: Equinox Brewing of Fort Collins

Information saturation is a wonderful thing. Beer enthusiasts are traveling around drinking all varieties of beer to not only enjoy a good lager or ale, but to also be educated about what different breweries are doing with both common styles and crafty brews. In every glass of beer there’s a lesson, a story, a detail that’s important and that will positively affect the tasting experience. This information might range from an ingredient list to IBUs or ABV to the genesis of the beer’s name to the specific stylistic approach of the brewer. Continue reading

Beer Enthusiasts Come In All Sizes

Inaugural Mini-Series: “Excelling at Customer Service — A 1/2 Pint of Ideas”

Episode 1

Customer Service Award for Episode I: Colorado Boy of Ridgeway

Beer enthusiasts come in all sizes, and so I venture to say that beer could as well. While breweries excel at offering several beer styles, sometimes figuring out what size options are available for each beer at a brewery can be a task, and sometimes options are limited. Though many people (us included) go to their local brewery specifically to enjoy a pint, beer explorers often need more variations on the quantity of beer they can order. Why?

Beer explorers thread together visits to multiple breweries in a weekend and frequent a wider diversity of breweries over time. Such exposure to so many beers increases the palette’s interest in a variety of styles . . . being able to sample every beer at a brewery becomes a must. Continue reading