Jagged Mountain in Downtown Denver: Your Local Brew #5

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With nearly 200 breweries now in Colorado, character is the one thing that will make a new place stand out.  Every brewery has the opportunity to put a twist on their stout, place their unique stamp on the tap room theme, or create a particular community vibe.

Jagged Mountain offers such character with a clear style to their beer, atmosphere, and community outreach, making them a great micro-brewery to finally pair with the near-by and ever-expanding Great Divide. And fortunately for all of us, their tap room will accommodate the crowds they should expect since they’re just a stones throw from the heart of downtown and Coors Field. So pull up a stool and enjoy …

… beautiful pictures of Colorado and mountain ranges the world over. These guys are outdoor enthusiast and mountaineers most definitely.  I joyfully imagine that a copy of Freedom of the Hills sits next to their beer recipes. After the Dirty Thirty Ultra this summer, I look forward to drinking my “earned” specialty beer.

… their “High Octane” beer menu which is a tour de force of big, bold, and flavorful brews. Though sometimes circumstances indicate that it’s best to play it safe in the mountains, that mode shouldn’t apply to breweries in Colorado.  Jagged Mountain is definitely testing the limits and walking the edge. Reminiscent of Elevation in Poncha Springs, I’m ready to take this adventure with them.

… contributing to the Jagged Gives program. Talk about an innovative way to give back to their local community.  I was already intrigued by this brewery after a few samples, but their poster about this project on my way out the door really made me pleased with what this team is up to. All small businesses should consider the community as part of their bottom line.

Denver Breweries: Enhancing Your GABF Experience

Breweries Near GABF: Our 2nd Mini-Series

In preparation for the Great American Beer Festival (GABF), it’s time to offer some quick resources for GABF attendees and Colorado locals to visit breweries within an hour of Denver and see some scenic beauty along the way.  This series will mostly highlight drives from our website, encouraging beer enthusiasts to enjoy brewery tours beyond GABF.  Today’s post focuses on four tours of Metro Denver breweries. Get out there and enjoy!

Episode 3: Discovering Denver’s Craft Beer Scene

Luck would have it that the Mile High City seems to add a new brewery every few months.  Thank goodness . . . we’ll happily keep exploring and enjoying each operation, especially since every place that opens has its own style and approach to the brewing industry.

The variety of places now open in Denver, from British styles at Pints Pub and Hogshead, to Prost’s German Pilsner, to Crooked Stave’s sours and farmhouse ales, to the dark taproom at Trvu, to Renegade’s cutting edge approach with every beer, to awarding winning drafts at Dry Dock to . . . okay, you get the point, everyone is doing something cool.

So if you have a little extra time in between sessions at GABF, or Denver is the focus of your Colorado visit, there are plenty of options for some wonderful beer touring.  We’ve divided the city up by area, which makes it easy to visit breweries in proximity to one another, but also reveals the rich diversity of Denver’s brewery scene.  Spend a weekend completing all four tours and enjoy!

Central Downtown Denver

West Downtown Denver

The Highlands

Southeast Denver

And, our top picks for places to eat in Denver near these brewery drives:

Freshcraft (Gastropub)–http://freshcraft.com/

The Alehouse at Amato’s (Pub Fare)–http://alehousedenver.com/

Highland Tap and Burger (Burgers and duck fat fries with great beer menu)–http://highlandtapdenver.com

Bones (Noodle Bowls)–http://bonesdenver.com/

Santiago’s (Mexican food chain around Denver, with stunning green chile)–http://www.eatatsantiagos.com/

Hops and Pie (Pizza and Craft Beer)–http://www.hopsandpie.com/

Thai Basil–http://www.thaibasil.us/

Vine Street Pub (Pub Fare of Mountain Sun fame)–http://www.mountainsunpub.com/