Crafty Ladies Summer BBQ Beer Dinner with Firestone Walker and Oskar Blues

Elizabeth Kagan from Firestone Walker and Chris “The Gubna” Katechis from Oskar Blues compiled an in-your-face tasting menu of big beers for our Summer BBQ Beer Dinner.  We started out light with the Solace and Mama’s Little Yella Pills weighing in at 4.8% and 5.3% respectively. Both beers are nice and easy session beers, perfect for the 30 minute time frame between arrival and the first course.  The Solace is a “summer fusion wheat” beer and Mama’s Little Yella Pills is the 2011 GABF Silver Medal winner. Bittered with Czech Saaz hops, Mama’s is a great pilsner that went down smoothly on the hot summer night. Both beers are currently on tap at Highland Tap and Burger, though the Solace is headed out to make room for one of Firestone’s fall brews. Continue reading


Beer Mecca in California

You may have noticed a few postings on our Facebook page and recent blog posts about California breweries. We took a little sabbatical from Colorado beer to explore breweries both big and small from San Diego to Sonoma Counties. During 600 miles of driving, we visited 25 breweries and wineries, including three beer meccas that were simply magical. The Webster Dictionary regards meccas “as a center for a specified group, activity, or interest;” Firestone Walker in Paso Robles, Lagunitas in Petaluma, and Russian River in Santa Rosa fulfill Webster’s definition exactly.  And though all three breweries offered very different experiences, it seemed that angelic choirs of beer gods sang to us as we walked up to the front entrance of each location, acknowledging our arrival to very special places. Continue reading

Firestone’s Proprietary Yeast Propagation

Firestone Tap Room

What We Recently Learned About Beer – Saturday School Lesson 1

It seems that every time we visit a new brewery, or talk with a brewer (home or commercial), or drink with a beer aficionado, we learn something new about beer, brewing, and/or the beer industry.  We’re not intending this category of posts to cover beer news by any means (though it might on occasion).  Instead, we’ll use it as a short weekly section to discuss something new and interesting that we’ve come across that will increase the education level of craft beer enthusiasts. In this inaugural post: yeast, an ingredient that beer makers know well, but that beer drinkers often overlook. And there will surely be more than one posting about yeast, as these single lessons are definitely not intended as encyclopedias for every topic covered.

As many know, yeast is a very important variable in the fermentation process. Most breweries contract out to different companies to purchase their yeast, often collaborating to design their own individual strains that become proprietary to that specific brewery. Firestone Walker also has proprietary yeast, but they employ microbiologist to develop and monitor their unique yeast strains on site at their brewery.  They have a truly impressive lab just for these folks to work their magic so as to create even more delicious, and identifiably Firestone beer. Such an in-house lab is quite a stand out feature in the craft beer industry. Continue reading

American-Style Beer Dinner

Crafty Ladies Tasting and Tales #6: Spring Beer Dinner with Left Hand and Firestone Walker (5/17/2012)

The Spring Beer Dinner with Crafty Ladies was inspired by “distinctively American style beers.” In honor of Colorado Beer Week, Highland Tap and Burger along with Left Hand Brewing and Firestone Walker Brewing led us through an American beer (and food) feast. This was one of those rare events where spouses, boyfriends, partners, etc. were also invited. So the room was filled with beer loving women, and beer loving men.

Continue reading

Craft Beer Radio and Oskar Blues 15th Anniversary

As we all know by now, Colorado is the Napa Valley of Beer.  So why wouldn’t we have our own Craft Beer Radio show? In efforts to promote Craft Beer Week (May 12-19) and Crafty Ladies, I jumped on the opportunity to join John Turk, Chris “The Gubna” Katechis, and The Thirsty German on Colorado Craft Beer Radio Saturday, April 28th at Arvada Beer Company.   First off, I had a blast. What’s not to like? Drink beer. . . listen to a radio show about beer. . . drink more of ABC’s great beer while talking about beer on the radio.

After talking with “The Gubna,” an Oskar Blues guru, I decided to head northwest to Lyons for the 15th Anniversary celebration Continue reading

Crafty Ladies: Firestone Walker

From the Tasting Adventures of Lady Lupulin:

At Highland Tap and Burger, Firestone Walker’s Colorado-based representative gave us a fun-filled evening with their great brews. We started with the DBA, (Double Barrel Ale), paired with Firestone Walker’s famous beer mustard and pretzels. This was a great start to the evening since the DBA is very unique: it’s the only craft beer in the U.S. fermented in oak barrels. As an English-style pale, DBA won gold at the 2011 GABF for Ordinary/Special Bitter.  Personally, I really liked the DBA; it was a great blend of malts and oakiness.  I usually order the hoppiest beer available, but during a recent visit to Euclid Hall I ordered not one, but two DBA’s. Continue reading

Firestone Walker Beer and Food Pairing Recipes

All Lined Up!

Food Prepared at the Crafty Ladies’ Firestone Walker Tasting at the Highland Tap and Burger 

Firestone Walker Reserve Porter Bread


4 cups flour

¼ cup sugar

2 Tablespoons baking powder Continue reading