Beer Enthusiasts Come In All Sizes

Inaugural Mini-Series: “Excelling at Customer Service — A 1/2 Pint of Ideas”

Episode 1

Customer Service Award for Episode I: Colorado Boy of Ridgeway

Beer enthusiasts come in all sizes, and so I venture to say that beer could as well. While breweries excel at offering several beer styles, sometimes figuring out what size options are available for each beer at a brewery can be a task, and sometimes options are limited. Though many people (us included) go to their local brewery specifically to enjoy a pint, beer explorers often need more variations on the quantity of beer they can order. Why?

Beer explorers thread together visits to multiple breweries in a weekend and frequent a wider diversity of breweries over time. Such exposure to so many beers increases the palette’s interest in a variety of styles . . . being able to sample every beer at a brewery becomes a must. Continue reading