Beautiful Breweries Abound

While the beer must be good, it’s not always just about the drink; an inviting place to enjoy tasty beer is always a must. And over the last week we’ve enjoyed three new breweries … all with absolutely stellar tap rooms.  These owners and brewers have put a lot of time, energy, and investment into creating open, thoughtful, and just simply beautiful breweries. All three spots have stunning and creative interior spaces, as well as beer gardens for the warm summer days on the horizon.  But don’t take our word for it, grab a pint and see for yourself …

300 Suns of Longmont

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Sanitas of Boulder

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222 of Denver/Centennial

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Epic Brewing: Your Local Brew – Part 2

EpicStraight from their website, “the Epic [Brewing Co.] Team has a strong belief in doing everything all out.” And we’re now benefiting from their mentality here in Denver, as this Salt Lake City brewery has opened their doors in the RiNo. While I always write with accolades, it takes a lot these days for me to get really stoked on a new beer or a new brewery. But Epic has me ecstatic to call them a Mile High “local brew” for many reasons. My main excitement comes with their expansive, almost unfathomably expansive, beer menu . . . which is all their beer.

They offer not-so-basic, basic brews including IPAs, Lagers, Porters, and Wheat Beers in their Classic Series. And then Continue reading

Diebolt Brewing: Your Local Brew – Part 1

Your Local Brew is a mini-series charged withThe Sunday Crowd at Diebolt Brewing catching-up on all the incredible new breweries that opened in 2013.  A year ago, we could make the claim that we’d visited every brewery in the state, but with the fury of grand openings during the last ten months, and several more openings between now and early 2014, we have a lot of Colorado Craft tasting to complete.

While exploring some of the newest spots in the state, a theme emerged early on, and it’s a theme that we’ve observed many times before: there’s quite possibly room for a small brewery to open up in your neighborhood, in every neighborhood. Like the local dive bars of yesteryear, once made hip again by the hipsters and the DINKS, a new brewery has the potential to quickly become a gathering place for the after-work crowd, the post-dinner social, and the Saturday pint. Continue reading

Atmosphere at Three New Breweries in Metro Denver – Part 3

Part 3: Anchoring a 5 Points Beer Scene at “Our Mutual Friend”

The name is not the only thing that stands out at one of the newest breweries in Denver.  While River North, Great Divide, Breckenridge, and several happening bars have been in this area for a while, Our Mutual Friend is part of a growing beer scene in a somewhat forgotten industrial stretch of Larimer Street. And with an incredibly welcoming atmosphere, the folks who work here will definitely be our mutual friends after your first visit. Continue reading

Atmosphere at Three New Breweries in Metro Denver – Part 1

Part 1: A Family Saturday Afternoon at Brewery Rickoli

I’ve been pretty keen on the topic of context lately, and specifically observant about the way the “when and where” I’m drinking beer changes my enjoyment.  This was made particularly clear to me in a recent article that talked about Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.  Once a hop-head favorite (before there were hop-heads), fans of this Pale Ale now claim that “the beer has changed.”  While the recipe for Sierra Nevada may have changed slightly, it’s more likely that our palettes have rapidly evolved. What was once considered “hoppy” no longer compares to the hop-bombs available today.

Similar to changing palettes (as individual beer drinkers and as a customer base on the whole), I think atmosphere dictates a little bit of our enjoyment and experience with beer as well.  And this couldn’t be more true than in three of Metro Denver’s newest breweries to open. This mini mini-series will cover Brewery Rickoli (today), Black Shirt Brewing (tomorrow), and Our Mutual Friend (Thursday).

Brewery Rickoli is a quintessential neighborhood brewery hidden away in a strip mall off Wadsworth.  Continue reading


Just enjoyed the Gilpin Black Gold on Cask with Organic Cocoa Nibs at Hogshead . . . it’s a limited release so enjoy a pint while they’re pouring it on cask!
( . . . delicious!

Also, do a side-by-side of their Chinwag ESB and the Boys Bitter for a fine comparison between the two.

New Breweries in Denver: Crooked Stave

Breweries Near GABF: Our 2nd Mini-Series

In preparation for the Great American Beer Festival (GABF), it’s time to offer some quick resources for GABF attendees and Colorado locals to visit breweries within an hour of Denver and see some scenic beauty along the way.  This series will mostly highlight drives from our website, encouraging beer enthusiasts to enjoy brewery tours beyond GABF.  Today’s post focuses on Denver’s recently opened breweries. Get out there and enjoy!

Episode 2: Discovering Denver’s Newest Brewery

Crooked Stave, the “Artisan Beer Project,” is exactly the place we’ve been waiting for Denver to welcome since we widened our horizons into wild, brett, and barrel-conditioned beer.  Last summer, sipping sours on the patio of The Bruery in Orange, California, we discovered that our palettes had not changed, but expanded, and we wanted more.

And though we knew Crooked Stave served fine sours and farmhouse ales out of Funkwerks in Fort Collins, and that Trinity of Colorado Springs always offers a variety of Belgian beer and farmhouse ales, we selfishly wanted something to arrive in the Mile High City serving similar styles. It’s not that we don’t still love a Double IPA or an Imperial Russian Stout, it’s just that there’s this whole other category of beer that we now relish in, long for, and enjoy.

Needless to say, the news that Crooked Stave expanded from Fort Collins to a quiet tasting room in Denver brought us from inpatient waiting to somewhat absurd jubilation. Continue reading