Beer School: Olympics Inspired

What We Recently Learned About Beer – Saturday School Session 3

There’s no doubt about it, the London 2012 games made me a fanatic of the Olympic Games.  For the first ten days I watched the swim meets, gymnastic finals, bike races, and track performances as much as I could. At one point, I considered researching and writing a post about a beer from every country that I saw win an event.  That soon became a very silly idea.  But I was struck with a question again and again as I saw the brilliant performances of women runners from Ethiopa and Kenya during the marathon and 10k runs: what’s beer like in Africa? I’ve enjoyed beer, and good beer at that, from the other five inhabited continents, so I assumed Africa also boasts a home brew of their own, and went to work to find out.  Here are some interesting facts I discovered: Continue reading