3 Refreshing Breweries After a Day Outside

Beautiful Breweries ~ Part 4

At this point, I’m probably just making fun of myself.  Two weeks ago I mentioned that nothing goes better together than beer and music, and last week I shared our four favorite beer gardens in the state since “drinking beer at a picnic table” is simply idyllic.  This week’s superlative? Beer is best when enjoyed to celebrate an awesome day outside.

You’ll need to discover your own outdoor sport, but the location of the following breweries offer easy access to all sorts of adventures: hiking, rafting, peak bagging, biking, skiing, climbing, even sand dune surfing. In addition to their ideal proximity to such activities, the beers served at these breweries complement their settings perfectly. So grab your pack, kayak, bike or skis, and hit the mountains, and then cool-off with a refreshing brew. Continue reading