4 Colorado Beer Gardens Not to Miss this Summer!

Beautiful Breweries ~ Part 3

While Munich might hold the world title for beer garden perfection, Colorado breweries certainly reach a close second, if not a tie. Last week, I made the statement that nothing goes better with beer than music. Truth be told, drinking a beer at a garden picnic table with friends is also a bit of bliss when the weather cooperates.  And we all know that most days in Colorado beckon such outdoor enjoyment.

To ensure that everyone makes the best use of the delightful summer, we gathered together a list of our four favorite beer gardens, all of which sit in or near the Rocky Mountains. Continue reading

Five Easy Answers on an Informative Brewery Website

Inaugural Mini-Series ~ Episode III: “Excelling at Customer Service –   A 1/2 Pint of Ideas”

Customer Service Award, Episode III: Revolution Brewing of Paonia

Continuing from last week’s post on “Information Saturation,” it seems necessary to highlight the crucial service a brewery’s website provides to the beer traveler.  In the age of smart phones, I-pads, and even those archaic things called laptops, accessing up-to-date information on the web remains extremely important. This might seem obvious, but you would be surprised at how many websites lack easy accessibility to portions of the key details discussed below. Continue reading