Colorado Springs’ Red Leg: Your Local Brew #4

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Tasty beer, knowledgeable and friendly staff, locals that will share a pint with you, and a theme dedicated to honoring our military men and women: Red Leg has it all. Colorado Springs is lucky to have this new spot on the northwest side of town … another great place to enjoy a post-work pint, or a beer after hiking in Garden of the Gods.

I stopped in there on a Friday afternoon earlier this month, right as they opened their doors at 2 pm. The bartender happily poured me a tasting tray while sharing many thoughts on the beer and Red Leg’s mission as a brewery.  Some regulars indulged me with their appreciation for Red Leg’s drafts, and other beer tourists, including a couple from Oregon and two army colonels, shared in my enjoyment of the tap selection.

And I’m always looking around businesses for clever innovations. Let’s just say that Red Leg’s is hidden … on purpose.  There has been a lot of talk over the past few years about breweries being designed to build community, and to do so, brewery designers recommend focusing the brewery on conversation and interaction by not filling the tap room with flatscreen T.V.s.

I appreciate this. But let’s be honest with ourselves, when Bronco Fever takes over, a bar without a T.V. will see a drop in customers and lose a prime opportunity to build camaraderie.  With all this in consideration, the crafty minds of Red Leg installed a retractable big screen.  So when the big game is on, (Broncos, Hockey Playoffs, or Lindsay Vaughn in the Olympics), we can enjoy our sports, and drink our beer too. Then the T.V. disappears when it would otherwise just be blaring  in the background with a golf match, or even worse, the dreaded ESPN football commentary show.