San Diego Breweries, Day 2: Smaller Operations

I titled this post very carefully.  As opposed to last week’s “San Diego Breweries, Day 1: Big Operations,”  the three operations in this post aren’t “small” per say, they’re just smaller, and they deserve the credit of recognizing how well they’re doing and how far they’re headed.  Also, all three of these locations are located in North County San Diego in the town of Vista, within a block of the same road, Sycamore Avenue . . . convenient?  Absolutely.

So my alternative title: “Who Brews on Sycamore Ave?”

Spot One — The Hometown Favorite: Rarely do I go against the saying, “don’t judge a book by its cover,” but with a brewery named Mother Earth, a couple of Colorado hippies couldn’t avoid checking out this locals’ watering hole. Hidden in a warehouse area near Highway 78 (we’re accustomed to this set-up), Mother Earth was packed when we walked in on a Sunday afternoon.  Decorated with both beer and rock posters, stickers, decals, and generally colorful tidings, this brew shop and brewery boasts a wide-array of beer styles. Sometimes we avoid ordering tasting trays and samples so that we don’t stand-out as newcomers, but after squeezing our way up to the bar, we couldn’t decide on just one pint. Our favorites included their Red Dog Rye XPA, their Caber of Love Wee Heavy, and their Round About Chocolate Oatmeal Stout. Continue reading