Games and Beer: Three Rest Stops off I-70

Shuffleboard at Bonfire

There’s no secret about it, drinking beer in Colorado is often complemented by tossing a bean bag, a horseshoe, or a small metal disc. And long road trips always call for such a rest stop.  So what better rest stop is there than a brewery with games? Here are three favorites:

Vine Street Pub and Brewery is a couple miles south from I-70 near downtown Denver, but can be easily reached on York Ave southbound from the interstate. It’s a perfect place to stop for food, (awesome burgers), drinks and Cornhole on a cross-country trip.

Crazy Mountain Brewing in Edwards (west of Vail), has become one of our favorite high country watering holes.  With picnic table seating outside, it’s a great place to grab lunch from your road trip ice-chest.  And right behind the keg storage shed?  A beautiful Horseshoe pit. Continue reading


Tasting Highlights – Winter 2012

Obviously, there’s a lot of content that the craft beer scene deserves to have filled across the pages of websites and blogs.  Though our focus is to provide resources for visiting more than one brewery in a day, we’re also involved in several other craft beer-related endeavors.  Like tasting beer for instance.

Our Tasting Highlights posts for Breweries, Beer Bars, and Bottles offer more intimate looks at specific brewery events, recommendations on beer, beers you can find in bottles to bring home, and moments in beer that simply stand out to us. Consider this as tasty bonus content for your own pursuit of great beer. Continue reading